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Health & Safety

At BS Luxury Ethiopian House, everyone is treated as a family member so keeping our people out of harm’s way and making sure that everyone returns home safe is our biggest priority. Our strong family culture means the health and wellbeing of our people is enormously important to us. That’s why we created an internal campaign called “Safety First” that educates and trains employees on health and safety issues in the workplace. We are always looking to lead by example on safety, engaging with our teams on the front line and making sure everyone is involved in making construction safer, including consultants, clients and our supply partners.

As part of our commitment to Health and safety our action plan includes not only having internal Health and Safety managers but also having external consultants that continuously educate and assist us with their visits and seminars. We always try to improve and update any Health&Safety equipment or methods which are significant to making our sites a safer workplace.

Being a full sustainable company, we also have a mission to avoid any harm done to the environment by fully recycling and efficiently managing all of our waste. To archive this we collaborate with a number of recycling and waste management organizations. Finally, we acknowledge the fact that the equipment that we use for our operations may harm the environment in one way or another and we take all the necessary actions in order to limit these negative effects.


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